Geothermal probe reel

For geothermal probes Ø 32 mm 2-circuit or Ø 40 mm 2-circuit with various lengths.


  • Reel inner diameter adjustable from approx. 600 mm – 1000 mm
  • Adjustable base frame with 2 rings for crane use
  • Stop wheels Ø 1400 mm or 1600 mm with 4 rungs
  • Hot-dip galvanized reel
  • Reel can be dismantled for transportation


  • Holder for injection hose (3rd stop wheel)
  • Threaded connection on the base frame for mounting on the drilling machine
  • Painting in desired color
  • Special design on customer request

Installation reel type hydraulic with I-reel

Probe installation reel with injection reel, hydraulic:

  • Diameter 1.80 m, width 1.75 m (total width approx. 2.40 m)
  • Side panel can be moved and removed on one side
  • Drive via hydraulic gerotor motor, short-circuited, without hydraulic hoses
  • Mounting for heating probe hoses via four adjustable scissors with threaded spindles, with water feed-through incl. two connections inside the reel
  • Hanging tab for the injection reel
  • Side support for depositing and filling the reel
  • Suspension gallows with eyelets and split cross tube
  • Reel yoke reinforced with side plates

Injection reel:

  • Diameter 1.50 m, width 0.60 m
  • Side panel removable on one side, with water feed-through
  • Mounting for injection hose via four adjustable holders and tool-free suspension device on the probe reel

Both reels are available primed and painted according to customer requirements. Color RAL – tone.