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Innovative strength is the foundation of Geser Erdwärme.

In addition, an ambitious and dedicated team focuses on producing and continually developing high-quality products for the extraction and utilization of geothermal energy. This includes, for example, geothermal probes, probe bases, distributors, distribution pits, distribution systems, glycol and glycol filling, installation reels, rinse tubs, rotary hammers and drilling rods, horizontal connections, camera inspections, heat pumps from IDM, and much more.

Our motto, “from practice to practice,” is shaped by significant company values: precision, sustainability, and innovation. Always with the declared goal of continuously improving our products and services for our customers and making production processes more sustainable and efficient.

Partnerships with our suppliers, cultivated over years, are crucial. The ongoing technical dialogue with a rapidly changing market and the combination of creativity, expertise, and personal commitment form the basis for Geser’s success.

Geser Erdwärme GmbH & Co. KG is a founding member of the Geothermal Community Bavaria e.V. – as well as a member of VÖBU, GtV, and bwp. 


Stefan Geser, owner, founder, and managing director of Geser Erdwärme, has been working in the geothermal and drilling business since 1979.

Between 1991 and 1992, he developed a new drilling method, and in 1994, an innovative probe base.


Deepest Documented PE Geothermal Probe

On November 6th & 7th, 2007, in Oftringen, Switzerland, commissioned by NOK, the currently deepest documented 40mm 2-circuit PE geothermal probe in the world at 706m was successfully installed.

It is a GESER S.I.C.U.R. probe, specially manufactured for this application by our cooperative partner egeplast. The probe base was installed at our facility. Subsequently, the probe was delivered via a low-loader.

The following pictures show the installation of the GESER geothermal probe base and the subsequent pressure and leak test.




Partnership between iDM Energiesysteme GmbH and Geser

The companies iDM-Energiesysteme GmbH and Geser Erdwärme GmbH & Co.KG have entered into a cooperation in the field of heat pumps.

DM, located in Matrei in East Tyrol, has been a pioneer in the use of natural resources since 1977. As one of the leading manufacturers in Europe, iDM specializes in the development and production of heat pumps and has decades of experience in utilizing environmental energy from the sun, earth, water, or air.

100% Green Hydroelectric Power from SWU

Since January 1, 2018, we have been sourcing 100% pure green hydroelectric power from SWU for our branch in Bad Wurzach.

With this, we save resources and thereby contribute to environmental conservation. As a result, we not only assume ecological responsibility as a provider in the geothermal sector but also as a consumer.

Partnership between MuoviTech and Geser

The companies MuoviTech AB and Geser Erdwärme GmbH & Co KG have entered into a strategic alliance in the geothermal energy sector.
Muovitech not only has a wide range of high-quality PE pipes, but also many years of experience in the field of PE pressure pipes.

Together we produce the Geser-Muovitech geothermal probe, which is SKZ-certified (A358).



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