SmartTight clutch

SmartTight clutch

  • Quick and easy installation
  • No wearing parts such as cutting rings or seals
  • In most cases, installation can be carried out without tools
  • Can be released at any time, even after the highest compressive and tensile loads
  • Fast, firm and pull-out-proof connection between coupling and PE pipe
  • Low risk of injury as there are no sharp edges
  • Very high pressure load due to form-fit connection (static guide value) >40 bar. Laboratory tests have already successfully demonstrated over 60 bar
  • The threaded connection means that all standard coupling systems (Geka, Lüdecke claw and mortar couplings, quick couplings, etc.) can be used. These can be ordered from us as an option

Area of application:

  • Probe backfilling with grouting material
  • Rinsing and filling the probe
  • Pressure and flow test
  • Temporary sealing of probes
  • PE pipes
  • Multilayer composite pipes

Suitable area of application:

  • 0 to 40 bar, with various media such as injection suspension, water, air

Available sizes:

  • d 16 to d 40 – 1 “IG
  • d 42 – 1″ internal thread (Jansen hipress)
  • d 43 – 1″ internal thread (Haka Flux)
  • d 50 – 1″ internal thread
  • d 63 – 1 1/2″ internal thread